CrowdStrike IPO

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An unforgettable day with an incredible group of people in New York. CrowdStrike’s co-founders were on a mission from day one, and that all-out pursuit of today’s goal was an honor to witness. Today I was shown what true visionaries look like. What an honor to be part of it from the beginning. GoCrowdStrike!


Inspiration: Interactive Street Art

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I friend told me about a blog post that showcased clever interactive street art from around the world. I loved the post so much that I completely ripped off the idea. The plan is to add to this over time, as a way to add some permanence to the guerrilla nature of urban creativity.

First Bitcoin machines in LA, ZenBox branded by Native.

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We were asked to create a brand in 3 months. Including a logo that would resonate with a larger audience as well as creating an ATM wrap that would represent the entire franchise moving forward. The result of our design equaled success both in the area of publicity and company evaluation. ZenBox was sold immediately and now represents the largest bitcoin distributor in LA.