CrowdStrike Branding
A major player in a billion dollar industry, CrowdStrike continues to separate itself from other Security companies by pushing traditional methods of security and emphasizing the Endpoint. What you'll see below is a breakdown of the brand as defined by several different categories. The work I do here ranges from brand cultivation to large scale campaign initiatives. 

Color Scheme

Infographics - Global Threat Report 2013

Event Signage

National / International Print and Digital Invites

Asset Creation
As a startup with a limited visual presence, I continue to develop a variety of illustrative and photographic assets. Created for web, print and pitch decks, most of these graphics needed to tell a fairly complex story, quickly.
Continued redesign for New language new assets for the next phase of the company. One that places more emphasis on the human experience versus technology and software. 

Landing Page Concept

Adversary Campaign
Ongoing promotional campaign, characterization of international adversaries. Created as geo targets as well as promotional TShirts. 


Same Campaign Translated into Employee Incentive Program

2014 BlackHat Conference - Las Vegas
Booth designed and conceptualized by Jessica DeCianno, Gina DeCianno and Matt Ansoorian. Construction and architecture by DisplayWorks, Irvine. Inside video by Seth Eckert. Photos by Oscar Zagal

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